Simplified Screen Printing Pricing: A Guide to Understanding Custom Print Costs

Transparent Pricing:

In the vibrant world of custom screen printing and embroidery, complexity should be in the designs, not in the pricing. At SMPLFD Printing, we've tailored our pricing model to be as straightforward and transparent as possible.

Understanding Your Price:

  • Choice of Material: Your journey begins with selecting the right blank garments. The cost of these blanks forms the base of our pricing. Quality matters, and so does your budget.
  • Color Considerations: The number of colors in your design is a crucial factor in pricing. A point to note: a white under base, often essential for vibrant colors on darker garments, is counted as an additional color.
  • Location of Prints: Every print location - front, back, sleeves, or nape - adds a dimension to your design and to the pricing. Our advanced printing techniques ensure quality, no matter how complex the locations.
  • Order Quantity: The classic rule of economies of scale applies here - larger quantities lower the per-unit cost. But we encourage ordering based on your actual needs, rather than chasing bulk discounts.

No Hidden Extras:

You won't find any hidden fees here. What you get is a simple, all-inclusive per-item price based on your specific order details. Once we receive your artwork and order specifications, we'll provide you with a comprehensive quote.

Pro Tips for Optimal Ordering:

  • Consider Extras: Ordering a few additional items can be a lifesaver for events or group orders. It covers size changes, last-minute additions, or minor spoilage issues.
  • Spoilage Allowance: In the realm of custom printing, a small error rate is always a possibility. We strive for perfection but recommend planning for a 1-3% spoilage rate due to issues like fabric defects or printing inconsistencies. If exact quantities are crucial for your project, please inform us at the outset.
  • Design Assistance: Not sure about your design? Our team can offer guidance on optimizing your artwork for screen printing or embroidery, ensuring the best possible outcome.
  • Flexible Deadlines: Need your order by a specific date? Let us know your timeline upfront. We always aim to accommodate your schedule, offering rush services if needed.
  • Eco-Friendly Options: Committed to sustainability? Ask about our eco-friendly material options and water-based inks.

At SMPLFD Printing, we believe in making your printing experience as seamless and enjoyable as your designs. Hit that 'Get a Free Quote' button above and let's get to work.

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