Our 7-Step Process: Developed for the Highest Quality Screen Printing & Embroidery Results

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Our 7-Step Process

  • 1.

    Fill out quote form

    Customers complete a detailed quote form with their design preferences, apparel choices, and order specifics. This initial form is essential to generate an accurate cost estimate for the project.

  • 2.

    Order Summary and Payment

    An order summary outlining the costs is sent to the customer. Upon agreement, payment is processed, securing the transaction and formalizing the intent to proceed.

  • 3.

    Digital Proof Creation

    The Art Department crafts a detailed digital proof based on the customer's submitted design. This step involves translating customer specifications into a high-quality visual representation of the final product.

  • 4.

    Proof Approval and Garment Sourcing

    Customers receive the digital proof for approval, while simultaneously, the company sources the required garments. This stage ensures all materials are on hand and approved before production begins.

  • 5.

    Pre-Production Setup

    The pre-production phase involves precise ink or thread color matching and equipment setup. This meticulous preparation is vital for meeting the product's quality and design standards.

  • 6.

    Production Scheduling

    With materials sourced and pre-production setup completed, the order is placed into the production schedule. The customer is informed of the estimated completion date.

  • 7.

    Production, Quality Assurance, and Shipping

    The production process starts, followed by rigorous quality checks to ensure each item matches the approved proof. After passing quality control, the order is packaged up and the customer is notified (pickup, shipping, or local delivery).

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